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Update: Classes will be starting the week of Oct. 5th, 2020

After many years, the King Centre is proud to announce the expansion of our Theatre Program! This is the first step in expanding our program and we are now offering several classes; all of which are developmental for the inspiring actor or actress.

In years past, the King Centre has paired up with The New Jersey Foundation, producing and sponsoring Musical Theatre workshops, student performances, and Professional Theatre productions. Those shows included  “Carousel”, “You’re A Good Man Charlie Brown”, “All Shook Up”, “Last Of The Red Hot Lovers”, “Into The Woods”, “Odd Couple”, “Steel Magnolia”, Prisoner of Second Avenue” and “The Nutcracker”.

Acting 101 ~ Study and practice in principles and techniques of acting; developing the actor’s instrument. Exercises, improvisation, scene study, monologues, and audition methods are among the areas studied. Students will appear in a performance showcase at the end of the school year. We offer 2 beginner levels for students: 8-12 & 13-18.

Improv 101 ~ This course is an examination of the theory and practice of improvisation as a performing art. Students will learn improvisational theatre games and exercises intended to develop the principles of improvisation. The course is intended to develop skills that supplement the techniques of scripted performance. We offer a beginner and intermediate level for students: 8-12 & 13-18.

Group Voice ~ An introductory level course designed to develop vocal potential by learning proper vocal technique, studying musical notation, and performing folk, musical theatre, art and modern songs in an individual setting. Additional Vocal Private Lessons highly recommended. We offer a beginner and intermediate level for students: 8-12 & 13-18.

Private Voice Lessons ~ Whether you are a student who pursues singing as a hobby, or hope to progress to a professional singing career our voice lessons are the best first step! We offer an ongoing 1 on 1 vocal session, focused:

  • vocal technique to help increase your vocal range
  • help build vocal strength
  • give you better ability to blend smoothly between vocal registers
  • confidence building for live performances

Lessons are based and molded around student skills and are available for students ages 8-18. Please contact the office for lesson rates and times!

Jr. Triple Threat ~ A compilation class combines students’ talents of voice, acting, and movement to help them develop their skills and dive deeper into their art, becoming better all-around performers. Students able to utilize all the talents and techniques they know and continue their education in theatrical arts. We offer a beginner level for students: 6-12.