Letter from Miss Nancy – Artistic Director & Founder

Dear Parents and Students,

I hope this letter finds the entire King Centre Community and future students, friends, and families happy and safe. As we’ve had our entire world turned upside down during these last months, I think we could all use a performing and educational renaissance! A dose of seeing our students dancing, performing, learning, and having some normalcy and fun again. Fall registration is open and available online on our website (Click here for the online registration) and classes are filling fast! As we prepare for our 50th year in business, we are working hard to create the safest environment possible for our students, parents, faculty, and staff.

At this moment we will be going forward with our Operating Plan A (Other plans Listed Below). Our 20-21 class schedules currently listed may vary from 15 minutes to accommodate traffic control regulations in the hallways and in our lobby. Please prepare your dancer for the new, safer environment at the King Centre! We have HEPA Air Filtration Systems and Ionizers in all of our locations (Wanaque, Mahwah & Butler). There are hand sanitizers in every studio and in the lobby. We also have installed plexiglass in all reception areas of the building.

As per our guidelines and protocols (As per the State of NJ) we will be following the state-regulated capacity limit in all of our studios. I would like to remind all students and parents entering the King Centre lobby, that they must wear a mask. Parents are permitted to escort their children to class but must leave after, parents and other visitors are not permitted to wait in the lobby during classes. However, if they wish they may wait in their car in the parking lot. Everyone will have their temperature taken by the office staff and all students must have filled out our Covid-19 Pre-screening Questionnaire.

Before entering their class, all students must wash/sanitize their hands and then go directly to their classroom. Students are permitted to take off their masks only while dancing (Optional as per our Protocols and Procedures) in their assigned studio classroom but must wear it at all other times. Students may wear their mask while dancing if they so wish. All instructors/staff will be wearing their face coverings/masks and enforcing social distancing at all times.

For those who do not feel comfortable attending in person, we will also be offering the virtual options for classes. If you are interested in this option, please contact the office.

We’d like to keep you updated with all the latest KC NEWS so please follow us @kingcentredance on IG and FB @TheKingCentreDanceStudios.

Looking forward to a great year!


Miss Nancy

COVID-19 Studio Protocols, Procedures, & Operating Plans for the 20-21 School Season

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Listed below are our Studio Operating Plans:

All plans are subject to change based on CDC & State Regulations and Guidelines.

Plan A –“In Studio” –  We will be offering “In studio” classes operating at 25% capacity. We have staggered all class times and will be following all CDC & state-regulated guidelines. We will also have a virtual option available via Zoom to students who do not feel comfortable attending class in person or if they have underlining health conditions. Please note, virtual classes are not automatically offered studio wide and you must pre-register. Please Click Here if you are interested in Virtual Classes

Plan B- Hybrid – If our capacity were to be reduced below 25% by state mandate, the studio would need to enter into the hybrid plan. We would split the classes alphabetically by the last name to accommodate families, offering a weekly rotating schedule. For example, students with last names starting with  A-L will attend class in-person and students with M-Z would be on virtually, switching weekly. All studios will have appropriate streaming equipment and we will continue utilizing the platform Zoom. Attendance will be taken for each class.

Plan C- Full Virtual – In the event of a State Mandated Shut Down, we will switch to full virtual classes. All weekly class schedules would remain the same studio-wide unless the size of the class changes. All classes would be fully virtual using the platform Zoom and attendance would be taken for each class. If we were to go back to full virtual and your child is unable to participate, refunds will be available as per COVID-19 Refund Policy.

COVID-19 Refund Policy In the event of a state-mandated shut down due to COVID-19 during the 20-21 School Season (9-10-20 thru 6-5-21), this policy will be available to families whose students are unable to participate in virtual classes. Pro-Rated refunds will be available and are based on the number of classes attended as of the first of each month. A confirmed written notice must be submitted to the KC Office to be eligible for a refund using this policy. This policy is only available if the studio is using Plan C, all other Operating Plans will be subject to our normal refund policy as per our Parent Handbook. 

  • You must wear a mask upon entering the building. Parents are permitted to escort their dancers to in the building and to class. However, no one will be allowed to wait/remain in the lobby area during classes. Parents with younger students are encouraged to wait outside or in their cars.

  • The Office Staff will take your temperature; if it is 99.9 degrees or lower you may remain if it is 100 degrees or higher you must go home. This applies to all students, staff and faculty and must be done daily.

  • As of Thursday 8-13, everyone (Students, Faculty, & Staff) will be required to fill out our Covid-19 Pre-screening Questionnaire. This must be filled out and signed once a week before your child will be able to attend class. If you or your child do not feel well or has a temperature, please stay home. We want to ensure that everyone stays as healthy as possible.

    Click here for the Questionnaire

  • All individuals entering New Jersey from states with a significant spread of COVID-19 or a considered a “Red” State are highly encouraged to self-quarantine for 14-days after leaving that state. As per the state of NJ (as of 8-4-20), self-quarantine is voluntary. If you have travelled within the last 14 days please inform the studio, attendance of class will be at the full discretion of the King Centre. Please understand that this is to ensure the safety of our students, families, faculty and staff, helping to prevent the further spread of the virus.

  • Please arrive 5 minutes before your class, as we would like to limit the amount of activity in our lobby. If your dancer has a break throughout the day, we have cleared several spaces in each studio where they will be able to do some homework or have a small snack socially distancing.

  • At this time we are at 25% capacity, which means each room can only have a certain amount of students. We will have the number of students posted on the door. We will be limiting the class sizes, until further notice.

  • For those who do not feel comfortable attending in person, we will also be offering the virtual options for classes. If you are interested in this option please contact the  office.

  • Students must pre-register for all classes before they attend, making it possible for the King Centre to properly adhere to all mandated room capacity safety requirements.

  • Private Lesson payments must be made prior to the student taking a private lesson. Please place payment of cash or check in an envelope with child’s name and amount of payment.

  • Wash hands before entering the studio with the teacher. All bathrooms will be sanitized after each use.

  • All faculty and staff will be required to have a face shield or face mask on at all times. As per the state of NJ (as of 9/1/20), all indoor activities are required to wear a mask, therefore all students will be required to wear a mask while attending class. If your child has medical issues and cannot wear a mask, we kindly ask that you bring in a Doctor’s note for us to have on file. If the class requires heavy dancing or movement we will allow the students to drop their mask down during the duration of that exercise but must put it back on afterwards and at all other times.

  • In addition to wearing their masks, all Acro teachers will wear gloves to assist with teaching. Acro Mats will be sanitized between each student’s lesson.

  • After student’s class/camp/workshop/intensive/private lesson, they will be required to wear a mask when re-entering the lobby and they must wash or sanitize their hands before leaving the building.

  • We have HEPA Air Filtration Systems, Ionizers and Medical Grade Air Filters in every room in all three studios (Wanaque, Mahwah, & Butler). There is hand sanitizer in every studio and in the waiting areas. Also, we have installed plexiglass in all reception areas of the buildings.

  • All Faculty and Staff will be wiping down and sanitizing all areas between every session.

  • There will be a designated area for your child to put their belongs in each studio. Please bring only the necessary items your child will need for class (Dance Shoes, Water Bottle, Etc.) for the space is limited.

  • Please come dressed and ready to participate for each session (camp, private, intensive, etc.). If your child needs to change they can use the bathroom as a changing room.

Please Note:

Guidelines are subject to change as per the CDC & State Regulations. As per each update of our protocols and guidelines a parent or guardian must re-sign the waiver for students to take class, privates, summer camps or intensives. Thank you for your cooperation!

– KC Management

Click Here for the Student Waiver