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2021 – 2022 School Season

The King Centre’s Stage Combat Program is the first and only school outside of NYC, Philadelphia, that is not a part of a College to offer a high-quality Stage Combat Program.  We are offering two (Fall and Spring) 12-week programs on Monday nights, geared for actors or fighters who are looking to increase their knowledge of stage combat. The emphasis of these classes is to learn the skills necessary to perform fights exceptionally and safely. All skill levels are welcome to participate and fight with us!!

Fall Class Line Up: Staff & Spear, Sword & Shield, Sword-ography 

Spring Class Line Up: Beginner Sword, Rapier & Dagger, Advanced SC Class

  • Register Online Today via our Parent Portal: Click Here to Register
  • Class Dates: Fall Classes – 10/4 thru 12/ 20 | Spring Classes – 02/07 thru 05/09
  • Time: 1hr classes times available below.
  • Age Range: 15 & Up | (15+ with signed parental consent).
  • Rates: Please see rates below. Registration and weapon rental fees may apply.

Our Fight Instructors


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Class Descriptions 

~ Fall 2021 ~

Staff & Spear | 6:00-7:00pm

This class will focus on the foundations of staff and spear. We will explore techniques for this diverse weapon style as well as discuss its history and development throughout many cultures around the world. In this class students will also have the opportunity to explore character development and basic scene structure as we work on choreography. This class is intended to give everyone an opportunity to explore the world of storytelling through movement. These class hours are eligible to be put towards a certification with the Society of American Fight Directors. 

Sword & Shield | 7:00-8:00pm

Unleash your inner Viking with this sword and shield class. This class will focus on the stage combat techniques of fighting with a sword and a shield as well as diving into the history and varied culture of this awesome weapon duet. Classes will include weekly technique work as well as learning phrases of choreography. These class hours are eligible to be put towards a certification with the Society of American Fight Directors.

Sword-ography | 8:00-9:00pm

In this course we will learn a new piece of choreography each week. We will break down the elements of how to craft exciting and engaging choreography. The second portion of this course, students will all get to choreograph their own fights to present to the rest of the class. Due to the advanced nature of the class, having previous experience in stage combat is a prerequisite.

~ Spring 2022 ~

Basic Sword | Time: TBD

This course will prepare the actor by giving them all the necessary basic skills and techniques currently used in the industry. This skillset will include partnering, moving from your center, basic sword work and storytelling. We will focus on the swashbuckling era of single sword. (Think Three Musketeers, Pirates of the Caribbean, and The Princess Bride!) Everyone will learn a short phrase of choreography to be performed in front of an audience of peers and faculty on the final day of class. This class is intended to give everyone an opportunity to explore the world of storytelling through movement, and swords! (Required Materials for this Class: Gauntlets or Batters Gloves)

Advanced Combat Class | Time: TBD

This course is for advanced fighters looking to further their skills with multiple weapons. A fun class for fighters who want to brush off the cob webs!

Sword & Dagger | Time: TBD

Class description coming soon! Thank you for your patience!


For Information regarding rates or weapon rental, please contact the office. Thank you!

Weapon Info and Class Requirements: All students are required to have either leather gauntlets or pitcher’s gloves during class. There is a weapon rental fee of $5 (cash) per class payable at the beginning of each class at the front desk. If students have their own weapons, we will waive the rental fee, however, all weapons must be approved by our fight instructor for safety reasons (decoration-al swords, sharp or otherwise unsafe props are not permitted)

If you have any questions or need help registering for class, please feel free to contact the office.