Tap dance is rooted in English clog dance, Irish step dance and African drum rhythms as a form of dance characterized by using the sound of one’s tap shoes hitting the floor as a percussion instrument. Rhythm Tap and Broadway Tap are the different kinds of tap studied stressing musicality.

Level 1
Reinforces basic technique learned at the formal level. Basic steps are combined and faster combinations are emphasized.

Level 2
Continues lessons from level 1 with more challenging, faster combinations. Turning steps are introduced at this level.

Level 3
Continues lessons from Intermediate and Level 2 with An increased focus on more complex rhythms, more difficult working of separated heel and toe sounds, faster combinations and turns, correct style and presentation. Steps introduced at this level may include riffs wings and more difficult versions of the basics.

Level 4
Continues lessons from Level 3 with a focus on clarity and presentation along with an increased difficulty and speed. At this level there also is more emphasis on more complex rhythms and an ability to execute different styles of tap such as Broadway and Rhythm tap. Classes include a continued emphasis on basics with more difficult and complex combinations.