Our daughter just started the ballet lessons at the King Centre dance last Fall, 2017. It is an amazing place for girls to learn dance, discipline, dedication, just to mention a few. She definitely likes her teacher who is absolutely fantastic!  Should we have known before, our daughter could have started dance at the Center when she was younger. Now she is 6, perfect age to start ballet.
We also decided to have her birthday party organized by the Centre. What a blast kids had in the “Acro” party!  One rarely sees so much care and attention that the kids have during a party!  Everyone counted, no one was left behind, every child in the room had attention and care by the teachers at all times during the party. Everything was organized to perfection, to the last bit of detail, all we had to do was show up!  Food was the best quality, dietary restrictions followed, lots and lots of care and fun! Children continued to talk about this party days after at school!
It is rare these days to find a place like this when quality and high standards are present in everything the Centre organizes, should there be regular dance lessons or any other activity, like birthday parties.
This place is a keeper and we are sure to be here for a long time!

This place is a keeper and we are sure to be here for a long time!