Yoga Program

King Yoga Coop Program

We are pleased to announce the opening of the Yoga Coop at The King Centre for Performing Arts in Wanaque, NJ.  Classes are offered in a variety of styles and are suitable for all levels, including those new to Yoga.

  • Gentle Restorative Yoga takes place on Wednesday evening and is a great class for those new to Yoga, and those who prefer less strenuous yoga.  This is a therapeutic yoga that is great for relieving stress, increasing flexibility, and recovering from prior injuries.  It is deeply healing and very nourishing.
  • Kundalini Yoga is the Yoga of awareness and classes take place on Mondays in the evening, and Thursdays in the morning.  These are dynamic classes which incorporate breath and the chanting  of mantras with yoga exercises.  The kundalini energy at the base of the spine rises which increases one’s creativity and intuition, as it imparts a sense of well-being.  It is a great practice for those with anxiety, depression, and those recovering from addiction, suffering, or loss.
  • Vinyasa classes are offered throughout the week.  These classes are more rigorous and fitness based.  Students focus on linking conscious breath with movement in a sequence of postures.  It is great for increasing strength, balance, and flexibility; as well as toning the body.
  • On Monday evening we offer a Teen Yoga class geared toward helping Teens cope with stress and anxiety, while increasing strength and flexibility.  Teens 12 and up are introduced to Yoga and Meditation in a fun supportive environment.

Yogi Tea is served after class as students relax in cozy lounge area.  We invite you to come and try a Yoga class.  The first class is free.


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Click HERE for more information on classes as well as instructor bios and class descriptions.

King Yoga Coop Program Weekly Schedule:

090619 Weekly Yoga Schedule


  • Kundalini Yoga with Tom – 7:30pm-8:45pm


  • Yoga and Lemurian Sound Healing with Akal Bani Kaur (Sholeen) 9:30am-10:45am
  • Vinyasa ALL Levels with Hugo 11:30am-12:45pm


  • Kundalini Yoga and Gong with Sarabpal Kaur (Pam) – 9:30am-10:45am


  • Vinyasa ALL Levels with Hugo 9:30am-10:45am