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About the AYDC

The American Youth Dance Company (AYDC) is comprised of an elite group of dancers who partake in a rigorous dance training schedule. The AYDC members can choose to audition to compete in all or one style(s) of dance, including; ballet, contemporary, tap, jazz, hip hop, modern, lyrical, acrobatics and contortion. The AYDC competes regionally and nationally throughout the year. As a team, members have achieved many outstanding regional and national awards and accolades. The AYDC currently has 63 members ranging in age from 5 to 19. As of today, we have three branches to our company: The Competitive Company, The Intermediate Company, and the Mini Company.

The AYDC is part of the New Jersey Foundation for Dance and Theatre Arts, a 501c3 non-profit organization. NJF aims to provide education and creative expression in Dance and Theatre Arts; while creating and spreading community awareness of the performing arts.

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Too many students have been taught that the goal of being a part of a competitive dance company is to WIN – Here is the truth:

As a company member, the student develops the following characteristics: self-confidence, poise, self-motivation, self-pride and self-determination; while learning about commitment, goal-setting, communication and how to work with others in a positive environment. The relationships and lessons experienced as a member of the AYDC will last a lifetime. The goal of our competitive company is to teach each student how to become a better person, teammate, communicator and allow each student the opportunity to enjoy being a child. At the same time, we as mentors, choreographers and teachers inspire, motivate, support and enrich every student to develop self-esteem further. From a philosophical standpoint, we are all works in progress. As we continue to grow and learn, each stepping stone brings us closer to the person and dancer we want to be and demonstrates respect for ourselves and others.

One More Thing: We WILL become better dancers, performers and possibly we’ll WIN too!


The AYDC participates in four to six regional competitions and one to two national competitions during the competition season. Most of the regional competitions are local or based in New Jersey; however, some might require travelling to neighboring states such as Connecticut, Pennsylvania and New York. The studio provides all hotel and travel information (information varies per competition and venue). Depending on Nationals and the competition company, the competition can be located either within or outside the tri-state area. For example, the AYDC has attended Nationals in New Jersey, Massachusetts, New York, Maryland, South Carolina and Florida, to name a few!


In addition to the competition schedule, the AYDC participates in several performances throughout the year. Those performances can include The Nutcracker, Musical or other Theatrical Performance, our Annual Recital, Local and Town Performances and the Company Showcase. The purpose of these extra performances is to help the students become more eclectic and well-rounded performers.

Summer INTENSIVES & Workshops

The AYDC are required to attend three dance intensives throughout the year. The pre-nationals intensive takes place before nationals. The Summer Ballet Intensive is a week-long rigorous ballet camp. The Summer Dance Intensive is at the end of the summer and kicks off the following season.


During the fall our students attend choreography sessions with our in house faculty as well as faculty Our diverse dance programs have students focus on technique, training, performance, and improvisation after school during the week. While our choreography sessions and rehearsals generally take place on the weekends. Students attend choreography sessions with our in-house faculty, and guest teachers and choreographers brought in from outside the studio during the fall. We strive to choreograph in multiple styles and expose the company members to all types of dance, so they are well-equipt to succeed in the future. As a result, we are frequently recognized for our diversity and professionalism in our dancers.


One of the greatest parts of being a part of the AYDC is being part of the KC Family. Throughout the One of the most significant parts of being a part of the AYDC is being part of the KC Family. Throughout the year, the dancers participate in several team-building events and activities that allow for them to build relationships with fellow dancers that last a lifetime. The parents also share strong bonds and support fellow parents and dancers. In addition, the dancers participate in a mentoring program that teaches them to help others and provides them with the fundamentals of being a leader.


Interested in becoming part of the AYDC and part of the KC family? We are always looking for new teammates and friends! Please feel free to join us for Auditions, dancers ages 5 to 18 are welcome to come and audition!

For those already attending the King Centre, our teachers observe students in class throughout the school season, and dancers can be recommended to audition for the AYDC. The auditions for the AYDC are held in typically held during the summer.

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