Policies & Procedures

Studio Etiquette

Students are expected to behave in a way that creates a supportive learning environment. We believe the best discipline is self-imposed, and it is the responsibility of our teachers to use instances of misconduct or misbehavior as opportunities to help students learn to assume and accept responsibility for their behavior and the consequences of their behavior. All interactions with our students will apply the best practices designed to prevent student conduct problems and foster students’ abilities to grow in self-discipline.

We ask that all students use the bathroom before or after class unless it is an emergency. Exiting and entering classes for any purpose can be very disruptive and we do not want to interrupt the educational process of our students. 

  • Please do not allow siblings to be unattended or to disrupt classes in session.
  • Please make sure your child is picked up on time.
  • Please make sure there is no horseplay, yelling or running in the lobbies or studios.

We also appreciate your consideration in keeping our studios clean. Please be considerate and clean up any remaining food, drink, or trash before you leave. Students are not permitted to eat or drink during class, but they may have water bottles with them. All food consumption must be done either in the student lounge or designated area. There is no smoking allowed within a 50ft radius of the studio.

Absentee Policy

Consistency of attendance is extremely important to your child’s educational development. Please make every effort for your child to attend every class. If a class is missed, it can be made up in another class of the same or lower level. If your child is going to be absent, please email the studio at (kingcentredance@optonline.net) or call us at (937) 839-4031 and let us know. Also, please call the studio to schedule your make-up class to avoid showing up for a class that is full. There are no refunds, credits, or transfers for classes missed.

Weather/Unscheduled Closure

If we are forced to close due to inclement weather or extreme emergency, you are welcome to make-up classes missed. Please understand that we cannot be responsible for acts of Mother Nature. Snow dates do not affect your monthly tuition. Studio closings will be emailed to you and announced on our Facebook & Instagram page.

Drop/Change Class Policy

A written notice must be submitted when dropping or changing a class. You must submit notice, by either emailing (kingcentredance@optonline.net) or mailing the office (527 Ringwood Ave., Wanaque, NJ 07465), before the first of the month or you will be charged that month’s tuition. You will be responsible for tuition until written notice is submitted and confirmed.

Placement Policy

Classes are arranged for students based on age and ability. If the teaching staff feels your child needs to be transferred to another class, we will notify you and make the necessary scheduling adjustments.

 Cellphone Policy

Students are not allowed to have cell phones in the classroom as it is disruptive to the class.

Student Storage & Lost Items

All dance bags, jackets, shoes, etc. must be kept in the cubbies provided and properly marked with your child’s name. The studio is not responsible for any lost or misplaced items. All items must be kept off the floors as they are possible tripping hazards. 

Bullying/Harassment Policy

Our studio is a place where everyone should feel safe, accepted, and has a sense of belonging. Bullying/Harassment will never be tolerated here. The King Centre for the Performing Arts believes in creating a caring and supportive  environment in which students are encouraged and challenged to develop their strengths, passions, and talents.

 If you have questions or concerns, please contact the office. Thank you!

Tuition & Payments

The Studio calendar and tuition rates are designed to give 33 weeks of classes and includes the dress rehearsal(s) for the recital over a ten-month period (September to June). All classes are paid in advanced and due dates vary based on payment plan. You will receive notice 5 days prior to your due date. For your convenience we accept Credit Cards (Visa, MC, Discover or AMEX) and eChecks (New As of 8/20/21). As of August 20th, 2021, all fall payment plans will be processed automatically on the 1st of each month during the school season, so you must have a Credit card, Debit Card or eCheck Account on file. To add or update your credit/debit card information or an eCheck account, please log into the parent portal. All Studio accounts have one primary account holder. This person is the one that registers, signs the registration form, and will be the one considered financially responsible for the account. If you have questions or concerns, please contact the office.

Tuition Rates: Please contact the office for more information about tuition rates. Thank you!

Payment Options:

  1. Annually: 1 time payment at registration (5% Annual Discount with this plan if paid before 9-20-21, not valid with any other promotion, offer, or coupon), Non-refundable after 11-15-21. If unpaid by 9-20-21, the account will revert to monthly (9-Payment Plan) with no discount applied.  
  2. 3-Payment Plan: 1st payment due at time of registration, 2nd payment due on 11-1-21, 3rd and final payment due on 1-1-22.
  3. 10-Payment Plan: This plan computed on an annualized basis and broken down into 10 convenient payments. The first payment is due upon registration, the other 9 are due the 1st of each month through May 2022.

The registration form must be completed and signed before any payments are processed. A $30 (Non-Refundable) membership fee per family will be due at initial registration. For those families who have more than one child, a 5% discount per sibling will be applied.

Late Tuition Policy

If payment is not received by the due date, after 5 days you will receive an email notifying you that a $35 Late fee has been applied to your account. You will then have 5 days from that email to pay your tuition and be eligible to have the late fee waived. After 10 days, if payment has not been received the late fee can no longer be removed and must be paid with Tuition.

Refund Policy

No tuition is refundable after November 15th, 2021 and no cessation of recurring payments for classes dropped after November 15th, 2021. For those who register for classes after November 15th, will have up to 30 days to withdraw from classes to be eligible for a refund.

For more information regarding withdrawing or dropping classes, please see the drop/change class policy.

~ Dress Code ~

Dance Program 

Boys: T-shirt and sweatpants or shorts. Shoes: Black Jazz Shoes, Black Oxford tap, Black Ballet Slippers.

(KI through KFII)

BALLET- Solid color leotard, (skirts optional), pink tights and pink ballet shoes. Bloch #227 (no drawstring)

TAP– Solid collar leotard, pink tights and black tap shoes. Capezio #356C (Black Patent Leather with elastic

(Level 1 through Level 5)

BALLET Black Leotard, pink tights (skirts are permitted at teacher’s discretion), hair in a bun, Pink ballet shoes-Bloch 203 Split sole

TAP- Solid color leotard, pink, black or tap tights. Tap Shoes: Level 1 through 3 Tan Buckle Taps Bloch #SO302, Level 3A, 3B, 4-  Black Bloch Tap Flex #388 

JAZZ – Solid color leotard, black or tan tights or Bootie Shorts with half tops. Shoes: Level 1, Level 2 and Level 3-Tan Bloch Elasta Bootie #SO499. Level 3A, Level 3B and Level 4/5- Dance Paws

ACRO- Solid color leotard, no loose clothing, may wear footless tights or leggings. NO Shoes or footed tights.

HIP HOP – Casual clothing that you can dance in and black dance sneakers. Please no street shoes in dance studio. Shoes for recital -TBD

Aerial Arts/ Silks

Long Sleeve leotard, Unitard or tight fitting shirt that will cover midriff without riding up. Tight fitting leggings or footless tights. NO jewelry, belts,  loose clothing, shoes or socks.  

Theatre Program

Casual clothing that you can move comfortably in and comfy shoes. Please no street shoes in the dance studio.

Hair for all Programs

Hair – Must be pulled back off of the face in either a bun or ponytail unless otherwise noted above.

~ Recital ~

2022 Recital Dates— Saturday 11th & Sunday 12th (Dates Tentative)

The King Centre’s annual end-of-year performance for all students enrolled in is held in June. Our Philosophy is to educate and develop our students first, then celebrate with a grand performance. This event is designed to showcase each student’s skills and the progress they have made throughout the school year. At the same time this event also helps develop their performance abilities through participation in a theatrical production. Participation in the recital is highly recommended, but not mandatory.  

Recital Costumes

You will receive a costume contract in October. All costumes will be ordered once we receive your completed costume form and costume payment. Please make sure you return the form by the due date to ensure that you will receive your costume in time for the recital and avoid any fees. Once the recital costumes are ordered, there will be no refunds. All Recital costumes are non-refundable as they cannot be returned. All students will be measured in studio for recital costumes. Measurements will be calculated by a KC staff member.

Please note, that recital costumes can only be picked up or received as long as your account is up to date and paid in full. NO EXCEPTIONS.

Recital Pictures

For your convenience, before the recital we have a photographer come to the Studio to take pictures of your child and their class in their recital costumes. We will put all the class pictures in the recital program. You will be given the schedule a month prior to picture date. Pictures will be available for purchase at dress rehearsal. 

Dress Rehearsal

We allow each child the opportunity to rehearse on stage, in costume, before the day of the recital. The (Tentative) dress rehearsal dates are June 7th thru June 11th. You will be given a Dress Rehearsal Schedule with a specific time and day for your child’s class/classes a month prior to dress rehearsal. 

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